Lewes Castle at night Summer Solstice on Malling Hill Whirlpool Galaxy by Roy Marriott

About Us

We're a friendly astronomy group based in the East Sussex county town of Lewes. Whether you're passionate or just curious about astronomy, expert or novice, whatever your age, everyone is welcome. Our activities cater for all levels of knowledge, experience and interests within astronomy.

Previously known as the Lewes Astronomers, our heritage dates back many decades. Astronomy has made significant strides during that time, yet it remains one of the few scientific disciplines in which amateurs can play an active role.

We enjoyed unprecedented growth after we relaunched as the Lewes Astronomical Society in 2022. We now have 88 members and over 200 subscribers in our group. However, our ethos remains simple; to promote all aspects of astronomy in a welcoming and inclusive environment for people living in Lewes and its surrounding areas.

If you're thinking of buying a telescope, we can offer impartial advice. However, you don't need fancy equipment to enjoy astronomy – just look up at the night sky, weather permitting!

Join Us

Membership runs for 12 months from September each year, and includes free admission to our public meetings—£3 for visitors—which are normally held on the first Wednesday of each month (except July and August) at the Grade II listed town hall in Lewes. A guest speaker or member of our society usually presents an informative talk with a slideshow.

We also arrange additional events exclusively for our members, such as stargazing evenings. Our events are a great way to meet and make new friends with amateurs and professionals in the field of astronomy.

Join us today! See our membership page for more details.


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Next Public Meeting

The Comet Interceptor Mission
Geraint Jones
Lewes Town Hall
6th March 2024 at 7:30pm

Geraint Jones will talk about an exciting new European Space Agency robotic spacecraft planned for launch in 2029. The spacecraft will be parked at the Sun-Earth L₂ lagrange point where it will wait for up to 3 years for an as-yet undiscovered long-period comet to fly by. It will be the first spacecraft to intercept a long-period comet travelling through the inner Solar System. Everyone welcome. Non-members £3.

Find Us

Our public meetings are normally held in the Lecture Room on the first floor of Lewes Town Hall, East Sussex BN7 2QS. Wheelchair access is available on request. Entrance is in Fisher Street, just across the road from ASK Italian. Nearby municipal car parks in East Street, West Street and North Street are free after 5pm.

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